Moore News: Episode 1, Preparing for IHSA Sectional and State Events

In this episode, students will learn about the four double-block categories at IHSA sectional/state competitions. Category descriptions, how to break down morning/afternoon tasks, and needed equipment. 

I can officially mark another first off my list of awkward journalism experiences–the first podcast. This project came during a week when my students were also working on an awkward project of their own, so throughout the week, I’ve listened to them worry about being “cringey.”

Well, kiddos, you get a chance to hear what I hope is NOT cringey. If I’m being honest, though, I felt the cringiness as I recorded.

Moving forward, I know this experience will get better. I thoroughly loved the process, and believe I could get on board with making frequent podcasts for the students in my classroom. This would be an easy way to get information to them that we typically don’t have time to cover in the short 47 minutes we have in the room each day.

A major lesson I learned this week is how many different ways a person can get to the ultimate conclusion of creating and posting a podcast. I looked into many sites, and tried several of the different editing options available.

Ultimately, what worked for me was to create my audio clips in Audacity (an intro, main script, and conclusion). I have a subscription to Envato for my journalism class, so I downloaded a music clip I thought worked for my content. Ultimately, after trying a few different editing avenues, I went with what I feel most comfortable with, Adobe Premiere.

One of my favorite aspects of Adobe Premiere is the ease in which I can make transitions and fade my music. I was able to edit in no time and export my project as an mp3.

What I wasn’t familiar with was the different ways I could promote/house my work. I used the site which allows users to record their podcast straight to the site and distribute it to both Google and Apple podcasts. Recording on Anchor was easy, as was putting the audio clips together. I was not a fan of their transitions which pushed me to use what I know and default to Premiere.

Once I finished my project in Premiere, I did upload it to both Anchor and soundcloud. I used soundcloud because that’s what our assignment required, and it was easy to embed the content in this blog post, but I really like the layout and analytics (at least on first view) of Anchor.

I look forward to the next assignment where I can interview someone. I believe it will provide a better chance to show my personality, and I feel having another voice would make things more exciting.

As with our last assignment, I look forward to passing this new knowledge along to my students and plan to have them make their first podcasts next week. Once I know who enjoys the process, I’d like to make this a regular part of our online publication. It would prove a great way to cover students in our building.

I also like to compete in the IJEA competition, and we’ve not been able to enter the podcast category before this year, so here’s to hoping we have something solid to submit by next weekend.

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