Mamma Mia hits Meridian’s stage in two weeks

The cast and crew of Meridian’s Mamma Mia will take the stage May 3, 4, and 5.

The assignment this week was the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. I needed a video story package, but in choosing the subject matter, I decided to use the opportunity to tell the story of our upcoming drama production of Mamma Mia!

I wanted to tell the story of an amazing cast who has fun and enjoys one another, but also show our community what they can expect when they come see the show.

I really thought I knew everything I needed to about this subject matter, but as I started reading the assigned material, it was clear I had a lot more to learn. I enjoyed reading about getting different types of shots. I have not been accustomed to thinking through getting different types of shots (like close-ups). I also was used to panning for my B-roll, which is not something that should be done.

I was careful to get multiple angles of B-roll, shooting from on-stage, then on the floor (looking up), and some over-the-shoulder shots. I did a lot of planning for what I thought I wanted to shoot and get from my interviews, but that all changed after I got my first two interviews. These interviewees gave me some info that drove my future B-roll.

My interviews went well. Again, I used a tip I’d found in the reading for this week, not to go in with too many questions, but rather to let them talk about the subject. I started them talking, then asked follow-up questions as needed. I thought I got a lot more out of them by doing this.

Editing was time consuming although I loved the process of putting the clips together to tell the story I wanted told. I ended up having to get some follow-up B-roll to fit interview material I wanted to use.

The real issue was that I had so much material I wanted to use, but the time limit was between two and three minutes. I ended up with nearly three and a half minutes of material I wanted to use, but I was able to cut it down to three minutes even. The process taught me to think through the importance of choosing just the right clips.

This activity came at the perfect time. I have a team of three students who just advanced to IHSA state competition in the video news category. I intend to use the knowledge I used this week to help them prepare for the competition.

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